What’s better than being a college student? Besides the sleepless nights and stressful days, you guessed it, THE STUDENT DISCOUNTS!! UNiDAYS is a website/app that provides students with major discounts to big name retailers both in stores and online. Not only can you find clothing stores on the site, but also things like music, laptops, fitness items, and so much more with discounts sometimes over 50% off. Every single time I am about to make a purchase in stores I ALWAYS hold up the line because of course I have to check my UNiDAYS app first to make sure I’m not missing out on any deals or discounts. Trust me when I tell you the savings add up. As we are nearing the holidays aka gift giving season you better believe that I’ll be using my handy dandy UNiDAYS app to get my family and friends high quality items at extremely low prices. Registering with UNiDAYS is as simple as typing in your school email and within a minute you have access to hundreds of discount codes and coupons. Sometimes it pays off to be a student!!!


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